Denture repair and breakage prevention

Dentures can break or tear apart or simply become old. This means that they now require repair and relining. Dentists generally recommend that you need to get your dentures repaired every 5-7 years.

Common problems which require dental repair:
1. Micro fractures: These are caused when excessive force is applied while chewing leading to many small fractures over a period of time. This then steadily leads to a major breakage.

2. Impact fractures: When dentures are dropped, the pink area also known as the pink acrylic tends to break. It's not uncommon for the teeth and the metal clasps to get damaged too.

Types of denture repair

1. Denture relining: Sometimes dentures tend to get loose. This means they won’t fit well and cause uneasiness in the user. They easily slip out and have no grip. In this case dentists will recommend denture relining in order to get the dentures fit into your mouth.

2. Re-basing dentures: In this case the pink (gummy) part of your dentures is re based. This means they are made brand new and the teeth are attached to it so that damaged pink acrylic is replaced and fixed.

3. Alignment of dentures: Sometimes dentures get out of shape. Other times your gums might swell up due to soreness. In either case, you may experience pain due to the friction created by denture constantly touching your gums. Dentists can realign and make adjustments so that they can do away with the discomfort and reshape your dentures.

Which dentist should I go to?
While any qualified dentist will be able to guide you and give proper medical advice, look for one who has onsite lab. This means that you won’t have to wait long for your dentures. If hey have a lab at the dental office itself, the dentist can coordinate with the lab technician to get the dentures made there and then. This can save time (usually made in a few hours) and even save you money.

You do not need to worry about having to function without your dentures for days or weeks.

What if I decide to not change my dentures every 5 years?
As the years go by our body changes and our jawbones tend to shrink. However, the dentures remain the same in size and shape. This means your mouth and the dentures are no longer a good fit. Wearing such dentures can cause bleeding of gums, soreness and lead to infections. This is what we need to avoid by making sure that we get the dentures repaired to fit your mouth.

How can you take care of your dentures and avoid future breakage?
Even if you do everything perfectly, you will still need to replace them every 5-7 years but there are some things you can do to ensure that you get maximum value.

1. Firstly, when you get a denture make sure that they fit your mouth well. If they don’t then it will put unnecessary strain on the dentures causing fractures and damage to them.

2. When you carry dentures ensure that you have a firm grip. Dentures can slip out and fall causing major or minor fractures in them leading to breakage.

3. If you notice a crack or damage in your denture, do not delay. This can cause more problems in the long run since poorly fit dentures can cause sores, gum bleeding and infections. Make sure you see your dentist quickly and get your dentures fixed or replaced.

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