Denture fees and how to make it affordable

Dentures are the first choice for people who’ve lost teeth but they tend to be expensive. A lot of people find that they cannot afford these costly dentures and need a cheaper alternative. Today we will look at how you can potentially get them for really low prices and on an off chance even for free (We’ll talk about free dentures via charities at the end but first let's look at denture types and costs).

What is the average cost of dentures? 

To get an understanding into the costs we first need to delve into the types of dentures. Depending on the type of dentures you need, the costs will vary.

Conventional or full dentures
These are full set of dentures which will cover all your teeth. Our mouths have top set of teeth and bottom set of teeth. These dentures can be either of the set or both. The costs for each set of full dentures tend to vary between $350 - $10,000.

The price difference would depend on a variety of things. The cheaper ones tend to be made with inferior products and may not last for long. They also do not appear real and it would be immediately noticeable. Quality dentures on the other hand last long, fit right and give you a real smile. When you chew you will find a noticeable difference between them. They tend to come with longer maintenance warranties.

Partial dentures:

These tend to be used when not all teeth have been lost. Partial dentures help you replace the gap that is created due to loss of some teeth. So how much do they cost?
The price of partial dentures can vary between $350 - $6000.

Again, the same principles apply for the variance of price.
Higher quality = higher price
Low quality = low price

Denture implants:
This procedure is the most expensive of the lot. It involves fitting in a metal implant in your gums so that the dentures are well fit in your mouth. Implants provide more stability to the user and it is easier to speak, chew and smile. This procedure can also involve a lot of time.

So what is the cost?
 Dental implants can cost anywhere between $1500-$100,000. Now that we know the three types of dentures let us look into ways that we can make the costs more affordable.

Other related denture costs: Sometimes dental patients require tooth extraction. This can cost $50 - $700 per tooth. Besides that dentists may recommend that they need to smoothen the jaw area where your teeth have been extracted for better fixture of dentures. This procedure is called alveoloplasty. This and other relining procedures can then cost anywhere between $300 - $500 or more.
All this takes the prices up to from $2000 - $10,000.

These prices can seem really expensive which is why we will look into affordable ways to take care of your dental needs

Best ways to get affordable dentures

Medicare: This is the first thing that pops to mind but unfortunately medicare does not directly help with dentures or dental related treatment. It would only kick in to cover hospital related bills in case of a dental emergency. You could, however find some add-on plans like ‘Medigap’ to cover dental.

Medicaid: Medicaid is mainly based on income levels as it intends to help the poor. Other factors where it could kick in is in case of pregnancy, disability etc. There are several categories under this program. However, medicaid falls under the ‘optional’ category.

Out of the 56 states, 39 actively support medicaid and you best course of action would be to call them. You can reach them at 1-800-Medicare and they will answer your questions on both medicare and medicaid.

Keeping in mind that these programs may still not cover your dental expenses, lets look at some other ways to make dentures affordable.

Dental colleges
These colleges tend to have a lot of students who have freshly gained knowledge and need someone to test their skills on. Hence you could get your procedure done for a fraction of the cost. Moreover, these colleges also have dentists and other professionals. You can find them a list of all dental schools here.

You could even find freshly graduated dentists who will be willing to do the work for a reduced price.

Charities: Thank God for charitable organizations! These institutions can help you out with your dental needs in many ways. They can refer you to a local specialist who will take your case pro-bono (low to no cost). Some charities also provide vouchers which you can take to your local dentist and that will take care of the fees.

The American tooth fairy is a charity which mainly focuses on children. Dentaid is geared towards everyone. Then there is Christinas smile which provides dental care to 20 communities in the states. You could also visit any charity and they maybe able to guide you in the right direction.

If nothing else helps, you could check the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics. As the name suggests this site will point you to clinics that provide medical help for free.

Hopefully you’ve got an idea of what to do next. Since this is a long post, feel free to bookmark it so that you can return back if you need to.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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